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Physical Impact has been keeping individuals and families at the top of their game for over 34 years. With our experience and our ongoing certification process, we are better equipped to meet your needs than just about anyone. Whether your goal is to be happy and healthy, or to win that next competition, Physical Impact in Longview, WA is the perfect choice for you.If the idea of going to a gym is intimidating, then you are right to consider Physical Impact. We are serious about your success, so we maintain a low-key focused atmosphere. We even have private, women's only fitness areas with equipment and programs designed specifically to empower women. No "meat heads" here. If you are a dedicated athlete, our certified trainers and the vast wealth of knowledge we have been gathering over the last three decades will help to give you that extra edge you need to win! Business people, students, moms, athletes, individuals, couples and families who want more energy, better health, more restful sleep, better performance, competitive edge, a sexier image, or a longer life prefer Physical Impact because of the welcome environment we work hard to maintain and the deeper understanding we have of the integrated systems and structure of the human body and how exercise and nutrition relate to us.Our services include: • Cardio• Tanning• Aerobics• Nautilus• Health• Fitness• ZumbaWe are confident that you will find your fitness home in the clean, bright environment of Physical Impact, and you'll love yourself for doing it.Procrastination is the enemy of success. Pick up the phone right now to schedule a free visit to Physical Impact or better yet, hop in the car and come right down. You'll be glad you did!Thank You, Ron Gehrman and Martha Gehrman Owners Physical Impact

In Business Since 1982

One Year Membership Paid Monthly:

  • Single $35.00
  • Couple $52.50
  • Family $56.25

Couple: Married or Parent with a child under the age of 18

Family: Parents or Couple with a child under the age of 18

Additional Membership Options:

  • Daily Pass $8.00
  • 3 Months $125.00
  • 3 month Student $77.00

(Must have a valid school ID and under the age of 22)

There is a joining fee of $50.00

(Only applies to memberships without year contract )

Prices listed do not reflect tax

Seniors receive a 10% discount